Savings and Financing

Solar Savings Guarantee

Solar savings locked in!

Have you been thinking about getting solar for your business? We have a fantastic offer that might mean that now is the perfect time.

Buy a solar system from Origin and based on the system you choose, we’ll calculate your savings, and then guarantee them.

How the solar savings guarantee works

Once you’ve chosen your solar system, our team will visit your premises. This is our standard practice to check the structural integrity further to our install. This also allows us to confirm your eligibility for a savings guarantee – the amount we calculate you’ll save over the next 2 years with solar.

(When we say “save”, we mean what you pay for electricity with solar, compared to what you’d pay without solar on our current no-discount Origin Basic plan.)

If you don’t reach your savings target after 2 years, we’ll give you the difference as a credit on your bill.

After your system is up and running, we’ll send you monthly updates by email to see how you’re tracking.

How we know your business has met your solar savings target

At the end of 2 years, we compare what you paid for electricity with solar, against what you’d pay without solar on our current no-discount Origin Basic plan. We add up:

  • The amount you save by using your own solar energy, which we work out assuming you would have paid for that amount of energy at our current Basic usage rates (which aren’t discounted)
  • The amount we pay you for exporting solar energy to the grid, via feed in tariffs

These two combined are your total savings.

You get a monthly solar system report

This will include your savings for the month and your total savings to date (compared to our current Origin Basic rates), how well your system is performing, and heaps of other useful data.

Solar feed-in tariffs and rebates

Feed-in tariffs

A feed-in tariff (FIT) is a payment you could receive for any excess solar electricity your solar energy system generates that can be sent back to the grid.

When you don’t use all the solar energy you’ve generated, the excess electricity feeds back to the grid and you could get paid for it in cents per kWh. You’d receive this as a credit on your bill from your electricity provider.

Financial incentives

There are two financial incentives available for solar power system purchases. The scheme applicable to your business will depend on your requirements.

Small-scale technology certificates (STCs) are a discount that’s applied at the point of sale for solar power sytems purchased outright. These are only for Solar PV panel systems that have a capacity up to 100kWs. The capacity of your solar system and the location of the installation will determine the number of certificates generated for you. We’ll generate and facilitate the certificates as part of the installation process, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. 

If you’re looking to install a larger commercial solar system, then you could benefit from the financial incentives offered by the Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target and large-scale generation certificates (LGCs). The incentives apply to any solar power system greater than 100kWs, and the amount of LGCs you generate will depend on the capacity of your solar system and the location of its installation.